Wednesday Night 3D League Information

The 2022 BMB Wednesday Night 3D League will start on:
March 16, 2022 thru June 15, 2022.

2022 BBQ/Pot-Luck & Award Picnic flyer - for League participants

See 2022 League Results

2022 League Flyer

The league meets each Wednesday afternoon/evening. It is open to both BMB club members and the non-club members.
We generally meet rain or shine! But, if things are really bad, we'll announce and cancel for the week.

League Night times: 4:00PM to ~6:00PM. These times change over the course of the league, as we get more sun-light and can/need to extend the hours. Please use our sign-up to select your preferred shoot time (think a golf tee-time). This helps with flow thru the course and tends to prevent back-ups. We used this successfully last year and many asked that we continue with it this year. Come a little early to sign-in and warm-up and we'll direct groups when to star at target #1. See below for the link to our online sign-up sheet (we typically have 4 weeks of league released at a time).
The league is a 14 week league. To qualify for place awards at the end of the league, you MUST have 10 submitted scores. If you submit > 10 scores, the 10 BEST scores will
be used to determine your final total score.

NEW! We will be shooting 2 arrows per target. BOTH arrows count for score!

Target distances can range from 2-3' to 60-70 yards. It depends on setup. We usually start the league out with closer distances and as the league weeks progress, we add a few more
longer distances targets to the mix.

*** A "Traditional" stake/cone will be used for long distance shots. ***

League Fees

Fees are typically collected each week. We appreciate it if participants bring exact change. The fee structure is as follows:

Adult (ages 16+) - $10
Youth (ages 12-15) - $5
Cub (ages 6-11) - FREE!

We are also offering a "Buy-in" options this year. You can prepay the entire league (all 14 weeks), for a discount. The "Buy-in" is as follows:

Adult $112 (14 x $8)
Youth $56 (14 x $5)

*** PLEASE NOTE: All "Buy-in" purchased are final! We will not track your attendance and return money on weeks you did not attend.

ADULT (16+) 3D League Buy-in:   (* will open a new window)

YOUTH (12-15) 3D League Buy-in:   (* will open a new window)

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Age Classes

We are simplifying the age classes. There are 3 age divisions or classes:

1. Adult (ages 16+)
2. Youth (ages 12-15)
3. Cub (ages 6-11)

That's it! We are not offering NFAA class age divisions, etc. These 3 classes are what we will group participants into.

Equipment Classes

Our aim is to keep equipment classes minimal. We offer 3 equipment classes:
1. Compound Freestyle - a compound bow + any accessories.
2. Compound Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS) - a compound bow with a fixed pin or no sights. A release mechanism or fingers. Any stabilizers MUST BE 12" or less in TOTAL length. This is measured from the RISER to the very tip of the stabilizer (plus and weights or other end-caps on said stabilizer).
3. Traditional - a recurve or longbow. Can be made of wood or carbon materials. Fingers, sights or no sights.

Ranged or Unmarked

Participants MUST choose which division they're participating in: Ranged or Unmarked.
Ranged: it is ok to use a range finding device to calculate distance to the target.
Unmarked: the participants MUST guess the distance the target. No devices are allowed.

Those participating in the "Ranged" division must keep their information private, if archers in the group are shooting unmarked.

Groups & Range Flow

In an effort to keep participant groups moving through the targets, we are keeping the group sizes limited to 6 participants. We also ask that archers shoot concurrently (that is, not 1 at a time). For example, if you're in a group with 4 archers, all 4 archers can shoot at the same time. A group of 6 archers could shoot with 3 archers and then the next 3 archers could shoot. It's all about keeping things moving, as efficiently as possible.

League Weekly Sign-Ups

You can find the link for choosing your weekly start-time below. You must select this for EACH week of league. We usually publish 4 weeks at a time, so you're welcome to plan ahead and your times. You can select from 1 to 6 spots at a given time (maybe you're signing-up for your group). Make sure to include the names of the other archers in your group (there's a space for that on the sign-up form.) Please NOTE: if signing-up for a group, only 1 person needs to sign-up the group and claim the # of spots needed (max. up to 6). Include the name of all group participants (including the person signing-up).

* League Night Shoot time sign-up form.


We will keep weekly totals and publish the information as quickly as possible. For awards, we require that there be at least 3 participants in a division/class (e.g. Female-Cub-Traditional) to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. If there are not enough participants, we will re-group participants, at the league administrators discretion! We will try to place archers in the nearest "like" group, if needed.

Setup & Cleanup

We NEED help with setup and cleanup each week. Setup will happen around 3:00PM each week. Clean-up starts around 6:30PM, or a while after the final group of the day starts their shooting round. We ask people to sign-up for both setup & cleanup when possible! We have an online sign-up sheet for this. PLEASE consider helping out. This league takes many people and your assistance IS NEEDED. Thank you to those that will pitch in and help.

* Setup/Cleanup Sign-up here.