Thank you for your interest in becoming a Black Mountain Bowmen club member. Archers who frequent our range are encouraged to join for several reasons including:

  • To foster awareness of the sport of archery and the various types of shooting styles. As a member, you can answer questions new users may have and help provide a safer and friendlier shooting experience for all participants.
  • To teach the safety rules and guidelines for the proper use of the different target ranges.
  • To generate club funds through yearly membership dues to help cover our maintenance costs.
  • To become an active member and help support the maintenance of the range by participating during the monthly work parties.

New Members & Renewals

Club membership for the entire household, including children under the age of 18, is $80.00 per year. (No matter which month you sign-up!). We are no longer separating "new memberships" and "renewals". There is 1 fee for annual membership for everyone. Seniors 65+ do receive a discount (see below).

Club Dues - annual basis

Adult (18+)/Family: $80/year.
Senior (65+): $30/year.

Membership Cards

Once BMB receives the annual dues, an email will be sent to you with information on how to obtain your membership card. Please follow the instructions found in the email. If you did NOT receive an email after paying your dues, PLEASE check you "spam" or "junk" folder and make sure you add to your address book (this usually prevents spam-rules from considering emails from BMB as "junk").

Instructions to Join or Renew Your Membership for 2021

Joining or Renewing Online -- for 2021

There are 2 steps to renew or join online, please ensure to work through both steps to complete your membership.

Step 1: click here to complete the BMB Membership form!

Step 2: Membership Online Payment: You *MUST* select the appropriate "ADD TO CART" below for either Online or mail-in application forms. See instructions below.



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(Optional) - Joining or Renewing via Mail

  1. Print the application form and complete the information requested.
  2. Read, sign and date the "Agreement & Safety Clause".
  3. Make payment with Online Payment or mail-in Check for appropriate fees payable to: Black Mountain Bowmen (BMB)
  4. Send completed application (with mail-in check if selected) to:
    Black Mountain Bowmen (BMB)
    P.O. Box 18902
    San Jose, CA 95158-8902

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have and we hope to see you at the range soon!

Regional, State and National Organizations

Black Mountain Bowmen is part of the Mission Trails Bowhunter's Association. There are 6 clubs in the region including: Black Mountain Bowmen, Mt. Madonna Bowmen, King's Mountain Bowmen, Salinas Bowmen, Santa Cruz Archers, and Bowhunter's Unlimited. Being a part of the MTBA region allows you to participate in the 4 regional tournaments held each year.

Black Mountain Bowmen recommends and encourages all its members to join our State (CBH/SAA) and National (NFAA) archery organizations. Below is a brief overview of each organization taken from the article "Field Archery in California" compiled by Pete Budding, Past President, CBH/SAA. We encourage everyone to read the full article to learn more about these organizations and their programs: About the CBH/SAA

NFAA (National Field Archery Association)

The National Field Archery Association was founded in 1939, and now consists of fifty chartered state associations and more than 1,100 affiliated clubs. The NFAA is a member of the International Field Archery Association and a national allied organization of the National Archery Association (NAA). The NAA promotes target archery. i.e.: Olympic style archery.

The NFAA is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of game and its natural habitat. The organization is very active in cooperating with federal and state agencies and other sportsmen and conservation organizations. It is resolved to foster, perpetuate and preserve "the use of the bow in accordance with its ancient and honorable traditions".

CBH/SAA (California Bowhunters / State Archery Association)

California Bowmen Hunters/State Archery Association (CBH/SAA) was established in 1943. It was organized to promote, defend and champion the causes of both target and hunting archers throughout the State of California. The main purpose was to promote the practice of field archery, to encourage use of bow and arrow in hunting all legal game, promote conservation and sound management of all California fish and wildlife and to unify all local and regional organizations in California into one strong association.

CBH/SAA now consists of 11 regions and about 40 archery clubs in California.

Joining NFAA and CBH/SAA

To join CBH/SAA and NFAA refer to the CBH/SAA website. Make your check payable to NFAA and mail it to NFAA (address is on the form). Being a member of NFAA and CBH/SAA allows you to compete in ALL State and National Championship Tournaments including the NFAA Marked 3-D National Championship in Redding, CA;State Field Tournaments; the NFAA Outdoor National Championship; The State 900 Championship; The Southwest Sectionals; The State Indoor 450; and The Vegas Shoot in Las Vegas, NV.