Payments & Fees

2021 BMB 3D Wednesday Night Shoot

Please click/tap on the "Add to Cart". You will be taken to your cart with the item you added. You can edit your cart and remove the item. While in your cart, you can proceed to PayPal by clicking on the button. Once you're ready to go to PayPal to submit payment, click the "PayPal" button in your cart.

Fees apply to participants ages 18+. Youth and Cub are FREE. Must be 8+ years-old to participate. No "family" fee this year.

If you want to pay for multiple nights of shooting, when you're in your "cart", you can change the # of items. Each item represents 1 day of shoot fees. Selecting "5 items" will charge you $50 and you will be paid for 5 shoot nights of fees.

Adult - $10


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If you have questions, please email: