At Black Mountain Bowmen

*** COVID-19 Operating Procedures ***

The range is presently operating with special procedures in place to help protect the community and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please FOLLOW all of the procedures. The procedures can be found here.

General Information

The range is open to the public seven (7) days a week during normal park hours (8:00am to sunset) except for work parties (Closed to shooters - 8am-2pm) and club sponsored shoots (Events). Refer to the event calendar for more information. There are no fees to use the archery range, however donations are encouraged to help support the maintenance of the range and targets. Leave your donations in the "golden post" at the entrance of the practice range.

Work Parties

The club holds a monthly "work party", typically on the first Saturday of each month. We meet at 8:00 AM and usually work until 12:00 noon. At the work party, we welcome all assistance. If you can’t stay the whole time, that’s ok. Come and help for whatever time works with your schedule. We welcome club members and non-members as well. At the work-party, we do all sorts of tasks that make the range useful, safe, and and enjoyable. These tasks range from replacing hay bales, making targets, picking up trash, updating signs, collecting/handling debris. Some jobs are tough, some are fairly easy. So, don’t worry if you’re “not in shape”. We’ll find something that will make a difference!

Archery Lessons

If you wish to inquire about the use of the range for special shooting events, company off sites or group or private lessons, please email us at Please include the following: PHONE NUMBER, GROUP SIZE/INDIVIDUAL, AGE RANGE-AD and/or KIDS, SCHEDULE/date and time/morning/afternoon and any questions you may have.. Thank you.

Shooting Equipment, Restrictions and Rules

If you want to shoot on our range, you must have your own equipment. The Black Mountain Bowmen club does not rent equipment.
We do not allow: knife/axe throwing, crossbows, broad-head points or any other primitive point or oversized arrow shafts to be used on the range. The maximum bow poundage allowed is 80#. Violators may be asked to leave the range immediately, may receive a citation by a Park Ranger, may be banned from using the range, or one or all three penalties may be applied.
The rules of the range (see below) are to be followed at all times. Make sure you study the rules, as safety is the highest priority. Please ask questions if you are not clear about a given rule.

Shooting the Range

Black Mountain has a practice range and a 28 target "roving" course designed to be shot similar to playing a round of golf. At each target, there are a number of stakes that indicate the distance. Basic rules of playing a round of field archery can be found in the document Field Archery Basic Rules (pdf).

Please note that "camping" or shooting from only one target on the course is not allowed. Practice and sighting in should be done on the practice range.

Practice Range Rules

  1. Everyone shoots at the shooting line markers. No shooting from in front of or behind the shooting line.
  2. No one goes forward of the shooting line until everyone has shot their arrows and "CLEAR" has been called and answered. No exceptions.
  3. Absolutely no arrows are to be shot while someone is down range in the practice area.
  4. If there are multiple archers on the practice area, please limit yourself to six (6) arrows per end as a courtesy to others.
  5. No one is allowed to hold up the shooting line to look for lost arrows. If you are having difficulty hitting the target bale you are aiming at, shoot at a target that is closer. Come back later when the line is empty to look for lost arrows.
  6. Remember that safety is our number one goal on this archery range. Please abide by all rules and use good common sense. Good shooting.
~ The Black Mountain Bowmen Archery Club

Santa Clara County Park Range Rules

  1. No one under the age of twelve (12) is allowed on the range without an adult.
  2. Broadheads are prohibited.
  3. Cross-bows are prohibited.
  4. Firearms are prohibited.
  5. Alcohol is prohibited.
  6. Smoking is prohibited.
  7. All pets must be on a 6 foot leash and under owners control.
  8. No hunting on the range.
  9. No open fires on the range.
  10. No portable barbecue equipment use on the range, except during organized club and archery events.
  11. Always follow the trails, never go backwards.
  12. All shooting must be done within each targets designated shooting lane. Do not obstruct the shooting line with equipment, such as spotting scopes, and/or bow stands.
  13. During any designated work party absolutely no shooting on any part of the range or practice butts, until after 2 PM or until work party is over.
  14. No shooting on the range by anyone but registered shooters on club shoot days (Second Sunday of each month) or organized archery tournament days.
  15. Individuals who wish to conduct paid, private or group lessons, cannot use the archery range as a business, without the approval and registration from Santa Clara County Parks Department and consent from the Black Mountain Bowmen Board of Directors.