The National Field Archery Association (NFAA) 560 Roving Archery Range

Black Mountain Bowmen maintains an official NFAA Field Archery range. This consists of a 28 target course. The course is divided into 2 units: a lower 14 targets and an upper 14 targets. At each target station, an archer will shoot and score 4 arrows. The archer then moves to the next target station. This is similar to a golf course, where a player shoots the hole and moves to the next tee. There are 3 types of NFAA field rounds: a field round, a hunter round, and an animal round. There are different rules that govern each type of round. Black Mountain Bowmen maintains markers in the ground that guide an archer to each shooting position on a given target. For details regarding the rules and “how to” for each of these rounds, please look at the following “how to” resources at the NFAA website.

    NFAA Field Round
    NFAA Hunter Round
    NFAA Animal Round

    At Black Mountain Bowmen, we ask that all archers treat the 560 Roving Field Range in accordance to NFAA Field Archery Rules. Black Mountain Bowmen does provide a stipulation for club members: BMB club members are allowed to “practice” on the 560 range. By “practice”, we mean the repetitive shooting of more than 4 arrows and not moving to a new target station. We ask that non-club members DO NOT do this. Repetitive practice is intended to happen at the Practice range near the lower parking lot. Club members must be current year members in good standing and *MUST* display their current year club membership card on their person.

    All archers (club members or non-club members) are welcome to use the 560 Roving Field range, but in accordance to NFAA rules and guidelines. This will help preserve the course for its intended function. Club members that are “practicing” on the 560 range *MUST* graciously allow all archers to “shoot thru” the target they are practicing on, when asked.